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Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan 2010-2011
POLICY: 2010J3A05


This webpage is a brief description of the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan made available to Colby College students. This plan provides benefits for covered accidents and sickness that occur on and off campus, on a worldwide basis, 24 hours per day, during the period for which premium has been paid.

Colby College requires that all full time students carry health insurance. Students must verify that they have other adequate insurance coverage of at least $100,000 in order to waive automatic enrollment in the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan. All students at Colby College have access to the services at the Garrison Foster Health Center whether they remain enrolled in the insurance or choose to waive it. If you currently have coverage, it is your responsibility to determine that it meets or exceeds the coverage available through the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan. Often a student covered by a parents plan at home, has limited or no benefits while at College, other parts of the U.S. or in a foreign country. When reviewing your current medical insurance coverage, be sure it provides coverage to students who are over the age of 19, that it provides access to care in the State of Maine, and provides comprehensive coverage, extending beyond emergency care to include physician and hospital services. Students wishing to supplement their existing coverage by remaining in the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan available to Colby College students may do so.

All students will be automatically enrolled in the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan. Students who wish to have the expense for this coverage removed from the College charges may do so by providing other insurance information online. The deadline to waive coverage is August 1, 2010. For those students beginning in the Spring Term, the deadline to waive coverage is January 1, 2011. Students who complete the waiver by August 1, 2010 do not need to complete the waiver again for January. No waivers will be accepted after the deadline.


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