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Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan 2011-2012
POLICY: 2011J3A48

New England College strives to maintain the well-being of every student within our community. Providing a reliable and economical health insurance program for students is one way in which we address this goal.

In the 20112012 year, the Cross Insurance Agency will be servicing the Student Health Insurance Plan. The Basic Insurance Plan, included in the Student Services fee, automatically applies to all full-time undergraduate students at NEC, as well as to all undergraduate and graduate international students in the Henniker area. These students will also be covered under a separate International Student Health Insurance Plan. It covers routine Wellness Center visits and laboratory work, and 80% of the eligible Usual and Reasonable expenses incurred up to $1,000 for any accident or sickness requiring treatment outside the Wellness Center, according to the schedule of benefits contained in this brochure. (Please note that for students who already have primary insurance coverage, medical charges incurred from referrals to doctors or facilities outside the Wellness Center are initially directed to your home address for independent processing through your primary insurance provider. The Basic Insurance Plan will be applied to eligible expenses not covered by your primary insurance.)

For more complete coverage, the college provides a Supplemental Insurance Plan, which pays an additional 80% of the eligible Usual and Reasonable expenses incurred up to $14,000 for each covered accident or sickness, according to the schedule of benefits. When combined with the $1,000 Basic Insurance Plan maximum benefit, the Supplemental Insurance Plan pays up to a total of $15,000 for each covered accident or sickness, according to the Schedule of Benefits. The cost of the Supplemental Plan is $165 per semester and provides coverage through the academic year and the summer months. As with the Basic Plan, expenses incurred from providers outside the Wellness Center are first billed to primary insurance for students who already have coverage through their parents. Students who have comparable coverage under another Policy may waive the cost of the Supplemental Coverage by completing the online waiver as described in the Health Insurance Information and Waiver Form enclosed.

Bear in mind that health insurance varies from state to state and abroad. Before declining the Supplemental Plan, it is important to contact your primary health insurance provider to know the scope of services and coverage available to your student while he or she is away at college. The Supplemental Plan can provide additional coverage to your current plan, or it can become the primary plan for your student if NO other form of health insurance coverage exists.


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