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Graduate Assistants, Fellows & Trainees Student Health Insurance Plan 2014-2015
POLICY: 302-087-1812

This webpage is for the policy period 2014-2015. If you wish to visit the current policy page 2015-2016 please CLICK HERE.

The University of Maine Student Health Insurance Plan has been developed especially for University of Maine Graduate Assistants, Fellows & Trainees. The Plan provides coverage for Illnesses, Injuries and Preventive Services that occur on and off campus and includes special cost-saving features to keep the coverage as affordable as possible. The University of Maine is pleased to offer the Plan as described in this website.

If you have health Insurance and do not wish to be enrolled in the University's plan, you must download the waiver form from this site: Umaine Graduate School Insurance Waiver Form and send the form and a copy of your insurance card to the Graduate School (by fax, email or mail) no later than September 15, 2014 for fall, and February 1, 2015 for spring; otherwise, you will be automatically enrolled and will be charged for 50% of the insurance premium cost.

PLEASE NOTE: Claims for the dental expenses as listed in the brochure (dental exam, cleaning, x-ray, wisdom tooth removal and dental injury) should be mailed directly to Consolidated Health Plans, 2077 Roosevelt Ave., Springfield, MA 01104.
All other claims should be submitted to Cigna at the address listed on the student ID card.


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