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Undergraduate and Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan 2014-2015
POLICY: 2014-113-1

This webpage is for the policy period 2014-2015. If you wish to visit the current policy page 2015-2016 please CLICK HERE.

Welcome to the University of Maine Student Health Insurance webpage!

This web page is not applicable to Graduate Assistants, Fellows, and Trainees, or International students

The University of Maine System's seven campuses require proof of health insurance as a condition of enrollment for all students fitting the criteria outlined below . In conjunction with this, the University of Maine System is making a Student Health Insurance Policy (SHIP) available. To access a brief description of the Student Heath Insurance Plan select the "Student Insurance Plan Summary" link from the menu located on the left of this web page.

ELIGIBILITY: UMaine requires all eligible students to show proof of adequate health insurance as a condition of course enrollment. Students meeting the below noted criteria will be automatically enrolled in the SHIP with the spring premium of $558.00 being placed on their University student account.


  • Undergraduate students with 9 credits or more
  • Graduate students with 6 credits or more

WAIVER: Those new spring and transfer students who already have adequate health insurance coverage through another insurer and do not wish to participate in the SHIP will be given the opportunity to withdraw from this coverage by selecting the "Waive the Health Insurance" link from the menu located on the left side of this webpage and entering their insurance information or:

Click here to Waive the Health Insurance

Students who have already completed a waiver in the fall will not need to waive again for spring.

Waiver Deadline Spring 2015: February 20, 2015 (new spring and transfer students only)

ENROLLMENT: Those new spring and transfer students who want to take advantage of the SHIP and/or have no other insurance coverage should complete the on-line enrollment steps by selecting the "Enroll in the Health Insurance" link from the menu located on the left of this webpage to confirm their enrollment and to get access to their ID card and benefits on the effective date of the policy. The Enrollment deadline is February 20, 2015 for new spring semester students. Once enrolled, be sure to "Create an Account" to gain 24hr online access to your insurance plan and to print your ID card.

Please select the appropriate link and follow the prompts to either enroll or waive the insurance if you are in one of the listed categories.


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