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Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan 2015-2016
POLICY: 2015-201899-1

Eastern Maine Community College has always been vitally concerned with the promotion of good health for its students. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the availability of our Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan. This plan will help provide benefits for covered Injuries or Sickness requiring medical treatment. Students carrying more than six or more credit hours will be automatically charged for this insurance.

The student who has no other health insurance coverage will benefit most from this plan. In addition, for those with other insurance, this plan will ease the costs of out-of-pocket expenses and deductibles.

The annual (8/01/15 - 7/31/16) premium for this insurance is $998. The premium will be included in your tuition bill. Students enrolling for the second semester (1/1/16 - 7/31/16) only will pay $581.

To Waive Insurance:
Students who choose to waive need to complete the waiver form by clicking on the "Waive Insurance" link above no later than September 20, 2015 for the Fall semester or February 7, 2016 for Spring semester. No waiver requests will be accepted after these dates.


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