What are the Advantages of Student Health Insurance?

Student Health Insurance Plan 2017-2018

POLICY#: 2017I5B43

This webpage is a brief description of the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan made available to students through Bates College. This plan has been developed especially for Bates College students. The plan provides benefits for covered injuries and sickness that occur on and off campus, on a world-wide basis, 24 hours per day, during the period for which premium has been paid.

All Students enrolled in 3 or more classes will be required to make a selection regarding health insurance coverage. A student may enroll in or decline coverage in the Bates Student Health Insurance Plan through their Garnet Gateway account. Students who have not made a selection by June 30, 2017 will be billed for the coverage and will have until July 30, 2017 to have the charge removed by declining coverage. After July 30, students who have not declined coverage will automatically be enrolled in the Bates Student Health Insurance Plan.

Bates College Students may decline or accept coverage through their Garnet Gateway account. No changes will be accepted after the deadline.