What are the Advantages of Student Health Insurance?

Student Health Insurance Plan 2017-2018

POLICY#: 2017J3A60

Saint Anselm College is vitally concerned with the promotion of good health, as well as the medical needs of its students. The unexpected expense of medical disability may delay or even end a student's academic career. It is for this reason that we sponsor the insurance program described in this web page.

The health insurance program is designed to supplement existing health plans or provide basic benefits for students without coverage. Benefits are provided 24 hours per day on or off campus from August 1, 2017 thru August 1, 2018.

Saint Anselm College mandates that all full-time students must enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan or certify that they have comparable coverage in another plan. All International students will be automatically enrolled in the plan. International students may not waive this insurance.