Student Health Insurance Waiver Information

University of Maine at Machias requires all students enrolled in 9 or more credit hours to have health insurance coverage. Each academic year you will be automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan. Students preferring to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan, and premium cost from their tuition/fees billing, must be enrolled in a comparable health insurance plan and are REQUIRED to complete the on-line waiver form. The on-line waiver form must be completed and submitted by February 21, 2014. The waiver will be in effect until Fall Semester of the next academic year ONLY, at which time the waiver process must be initiated again.

Students wishing to supplement their current insurance with the Student Healh Insurance Plan may do so by NOT completing the online waiver process.

On Line Waiver Process:

Waiver Deadline is February 21, 2014. Waiver forms will not be accepted after this date.

For those University of Maine at Machias students who do NOT wish to be included in the UMM Student Health Insurance Plan for the 2013-2014 academic year please login and complete the online waiver process. 

You must have the following information ready before you begin the online waiver process:

Your Account Number (found on your tuition bill in the upper right hand corner, seven digits long).

Insurance Policyholder Name

Insurance Company Name

Health Insurance Policy Number


You will have only one opportunity to complete this online form, so be certain to have your Health Insurance information before continuing!

Waiver Process Login:

Account Number:
Account Number found on your tuition bill in the upper right hand corner, seven digits long.
Birth Date:
The Month and Day of your birth - Format: MMDD - Example: 0630 is June 30